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Chapel Communications
1212 West Main Street
Richmond, KY 40475

Toll Free  (855) 777-0143
Local       (859) 623-1500
Fax          (855) 252-8080

If none of the below categories seem to be appropriate, direct your question(s) to Support@chpl.net and a representative will either answer your e-mail, or direct your e-mail to the appropriate department.

 Abuse Reports
  The Abuse team is available via e-mail 24 hours a day. All reports of abuse should be sent here.
  E-mail sent to this address is delivered to our advanced customer support team. Questions pertaining to customer service, unresolved issues from other departments and requests for help with exceptional problems should be sent here. Your e-mail will be answered promptly.
  This address should be used for all billing related questions.
 General Information
  If none of the above categories seems to be appropriate, direct your question(s) to info@chpl.net and a representative will either reply to your e-mail or direct your e-mail along to the appropriate department.
  Contact our president,  Lee Murphy. This box is answered daily. Feel free to send in your questions any time.


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