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Chapel Communications Partners with 3-COM for Industry Award Winning Intrusion Protection Program.

Richmond, KY -October. 20, 2007-- The growth of foreign intrusion attempts and the need to assure Chapel's clients the very best in data security prompted a partnership with the nations #1 provider of Intrusion Protection, 3COM.   

In the Web hosting business, providers prosper by offering fast, function-rich Web services on highly-reliable servers. Their clients build Web sites on these servers to conduct business, market products and process transactions. When hosted sites are attacked, these companies, as well as the provider itself, are in jeopardy.

Chapel Communications knows the risks well. The service provider hosts over 16,000 domains from 12 countries and specializes in technology that allows its clients to offer e-commerce features like product catalogs, shopping carts and customer databases.

Recent attempts by servers located in China and Korea to hack into American based servers had begun to create great concern to Chapel.  To thwart the attacks, Chapel contacted vendors of intrusion prevention and DoS (Denial of Service) protection solutions, such as, Foundry Networks and TippingPoint, a division of 3Com.

TippingPoint responded promptly and offered its TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), the most decorated and awarded IPS on the market. The IPS inspects all incoming packets at line-rate speeds, blocking unwanted and malicious traffic. It also defends such infrastructure components as switches, routers and VoIP deployments from targeted attacks.

Immediately, the TippingPoint solution began deterring spyware, worms, viruses, phishing, Trojans and, most importantly, the DoS attacks from compromising the performance or availability of the Chapel's hosting services. For example, the IPS blocks an average of 25 SQL Slammer packets, (an attempt to corrupt database servers), each second, or 90,000 per hour.

"Tipping Point receives digital vaccinations throughout the day to assure it is current and protecting our clients.  A Digital Vaccination is an emergency upgrade pushed to our IPS equipment from TippingPoints labs," said Chapel Vice-President Kevin Boneta.

TippingPoint has built key relationships with vendors and organizations to get vulnerability information ahead of the public. In addition, TippingPoint’s DVLabs scours security mailing lists, monitors underground hacker chat rooms, uncovers emerging zero-day threats, and leverages an expansive honey pot network to determine the most critical vulnerabilities at any given time. In all situations, the team verifies and reproduces new vulnerability findings. The team looks closely at new vulnerabilities to determine additional potential attack vectors in a controlled security lab environment.

“Our TippingPoint IPS is an investment in our future,” added Boneta. “By offering the most secure and reliable Web hosting available, we now can differentiate ourselves in the marketplace to attract new customers. With TippingPoint’s security professionals working for us day and night to protect our services,  we’re free to focus on our core competency and grow our business.”

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