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For Immediate Release:
Irvine, CA - September 10th, 2000

E-Commerce Exchange, a leading provider of electronic commerce and credit card processing services, today announced a powerful strategic alliance with Chapel Communications, Inc, a major internet service provider. As an E-Commerce Exchange Partner, Chapel Communications, Inc will use E-Commerce Exchange Internet based e-commerce software to strengthen its Internet service offerings by providing customers with pre-approved, turnkey electronic commerce solutions that interface their customers’ new and existing websites.
"The E-Commerce Exchange partnership will enable Chapel Communications, Inc to offer a world-class turnkey e-commerce solution to our customers", said Kevin Boneta, Vice President of Chapel Communications, Inc. "We have negotiated with E-Commerce Exchange for all Chapel Communications, Inc customers to be pre-approved for a merchant account regardless of their previous credit history. E-Commerce Exchange also has pre-approved leasing programs available for the small business budget."
"Partnering with Internet companies like Chapel Communications, Inc is a huge part of our marketing strategy," said Darrin Ginsberg, President and CEO of E-Commerce Exchange. "With cutting-edge Internet based partners like Chapel across the country, E-Commerce Exchange can look forward to even more rapid advancements of our industry-leading Internet commerce solution."
"As our customers’ requirements evolve and the market continues to grow, the need for a standardized, scaleable Internet commerce platform is essential in order to continue delivering superior service," said Boneta. "Quick Commerce is an industry-proven solution that will enable Chapel Communications to seamlessly expand its service offerings to our growing customer base."
"Chapel focuses on assisting small to medium sized merchants in gaining a position on the Internet's World Wide Web (WWW).  Chapel provides services ranging from consulting to design as well as dedicated high speed Internet connections.  With our E-commerce packages combined with Quick Commerce Merchant Services our customers can now commerce-enable their web site within 10 business days. This will allow them to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Online Checks directly from their web site, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, from anywhere in the world." Boneta stated.
Chapel Services Inc., a 5-year-old privately held Kentucky company, specializes in E-Commerce and web hosting as well as all aspects of Internet connection and communications. 
For more information on Chapel, visit the new offices, located at 527-B Leighway Drive, Richmond, KY 40475, 606 623-1500, or visit the web site at 
E-Commerce Exchange is a registered ISO/MSP for the following FDIC insured banks. Humboldt Bank, Eureka, CA, First Bank of Beverly Hills, Calabasas, CA, and National City Bank, Louisville, KY.  Their offices are located at 5225 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 205 Los Angeles, CA 90036-4346 Telephone 800-477-5363. Their website is