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Chapel Deploys new 100% "Spam Free" Mail System

RICHMOND, KY, Sep 16, 1999 -- Chapel Communications Inc. a leading provider of high-speed Internet service and voice technology in the Southeastern U.S., today announced the roll out of it's newest consumer product NoSPAM, an anti-spam tool for email users. NoSPAM solves the rapidly-growing spam problem by stopping 100% of unwanted email as defined by each user. Unlike other anti-spam systems, the ongoing effort required by users to control unwanted email with NoSPAM is minimal.

Unlike spam filters, which look at whatís in a message and try to guess whether you want it or not, NoSPAM screens email based primarily on who itís from.

Chapel's NoSPAM lets you:
  • Accept mail from only the senders you know.
  • Block obvious spam and other unwanted mail.
  • Ask unknown senders to identify themselves and their reason for contacting you
  • Decide if the sender is someone you want email from or not!

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About Chapel Communications Inc.

Chapel Communications Inc. is a Southeastern Regional Information/Internet Service Provider (IISP), providing, high-speed Internet access solutions over traditional copper wire and wireless technology to residential and commercial clients throughout the Southeast. 

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