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Chapel Communications Introduces New Automated Resale Program for Wholesale ISP Clients

Richmond, KY -March. 20, 2006-- The growth of wholesale services has prompted new development in automation to better serve the smaller ISP.

Chapel Communications, Inc.. (Chapel), a national e-business and convergent communications company, Monday announced the deployment of it's new "PARTNER SITE" program.  "Over the years, we have developed quite a large wholesale client base.  As applications become more complex , it is important to be able to serve those clients in a quicker manner than the past," said Lee Murphy, President of Chapel.  "Our new automated system will allow clients to self register and manage their own domain names as well as create and manage a host of new tools which will be offered to our wholesale client base."  

Among the new tools introduced today are automated web hosting, utilizing both the Linux and Microsoft based operating systems, automated "Spam Free" E-mail setup as well as a "self design studio" allowing clients to create an extremely professional web site in just a matter of hours.

Coming soon to the "Partner Site" system will be a hosted communications and collaboration tools featuring hosted file storage and private intra-site portals.  "These tools will form the basis of offsite communications management.  In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, your employees need to find people, data, files and applications from anywhere, at any time and using any device." stated Murphy.  "Imagine the lost productivity when an employee must stay at home with a sick child or is stranded in another city without the 'important' file he or she needs access to.  Now imagine having access to all your proposals, quotes, e-mails and important contact files while on the road or away from the office.  That's what we intend to fulfill with our new application services." Added Murphy.

The new Chapel Supersite is located at HTTP://

Chapel Communications is an 11 year old e-business solutions and application service provider located in Richmond, Kentucky.  For more information about Chapel Communications, call 888-747-4949, or visit the company's Web site at